advantages of tool presetting at a glance

All tools are present, measured and checked (runout and tool tip inspection) on the alfa-set unit prior to use on the CNC machine tools.

Machine tool availability is optimized; machine tool downtime is reduced ti a minimum. Time for measuring on the machine is completely eliminated. The machine tools are fully available to perform their intended function of production!

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The tool presetter alfa-set can be placed either right beside the machine tool or in the tool room thanks to its compact and space saving desing.

Increased productivity
Test components and reject costs are eliminated, as production within the required tolerances already starts with the first component.

presetting and measuring devices are of modular construction and can be adapted to suit diverse requirements. State-of-the-art electronic image processing systems are available. They allow tool data to be recorded in just a few seconds, automatically and therefore independently of the operator (cannot be influenced). It is extremely easy to use, as the system is highly intelligent, which makes many tasks easier for the operator.

Besides the conventional method of printing measurement data on lables, the free of charge software package MyXPert®alfa-set permits online data transfer to a PC.